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Extremely rare German WWII "Headquarters" field telephone, made in Berlin, Germany in 1940. Sought after Amtsanschließer Model 33 Command Fieldphone, used extensively by the Wehrmacht and SA. This particular example was made by B&G (Borck & Goldschmidt) and features a "marbled" multi-color bakelite housing, along with a correct and original Model 33 handset and numeric dial. The handset has the military specification rectangular connector, 5-position/4-pin, which connects to the top of the phone.

The instrument has all of its original markings including the nameplate, and the serial number, 4806. The handset is stamped 1941. On the underside, the phone has numerous markings including a detailed wiring schematic. 

Overall excellent condition, no chips or cracks. Dial functions perfectly, making a nice clicking noise when it returns. The handset cord has been professionally replaced with correct, fabric covered cable. 

The Amtsanschließer Model 33 was designed for easy transport and made it quick to get a headquarters or command post up and running. While typical field phones were designed only to connect with each other on the field or theater of battle, the Model 33 could connect to the German national telephone network so it could send and receive calls to any standard telephone anywhere. For this reason, unlike typical field phones, they were generally used only by senior officers and their staff.

The Borck and Goldschmidt factory in Berlin was heavily bombed by the Allies halting production in 1945. The company is no longer in existence.

A rare and desirable phone that will appreciate in value.

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