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Rare 1930 Kodascope Model B Early 16mm Library Projector With Art Deco Cabinet and Manuals

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This Kodascope Model B, a rare, early, silent 16mm projector, referred to by Kodak as the "Library Projector," featured elaborate, custom, art deco cabinet work so that it would be at home in a well furnished office or library. It cost $675 in 1930 when it was introduced, making it slightly more than the average price of an automobile. Only 1500 were made. With its built-in, folding reverse projection screen, it was self contained and could be used by one person or a small group to watch a movie in a small space. Only 1500 were made.

Originally purchased in Sacramento, California in 1930. This amazingly well preserved example is just as it was when removed from service and sold recently in an estate auction.

The projector, cabinet and stand are in excellent condition, and appear to be complete. All of the various adjustments are functioning. It comes with an extra lens and 13 original operating manuals and brochures. The lower cabinet includes a drawer full of accessories and 26 slots for film reels and documents.

The 5 inch by 7 inch frosted glass screen is free of cracks and chips, and folds in and out smoothly. Some scratches and scuffs to the wood here and there but overall very nice. 

The projector and floor cabinet together are 44" tall, by 18-1/8" wide by 14-1/4" deep. The projector itself in its cabinet is 15" tall, 12 1/2" wide and 11" deep. 

Due to size and weight, shipping of the entire unit is by freight only. If sold separately, the projector could be shipped by USPS, Fed Ex or UPS. Contact us for details.

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