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Original hand-painted regimental stein dated 1898-1900. Belonged to Reservist Hofman, of Pionier (Pioneer) Battalion No. 11 of the 3rd Company stationed on the Rhine.

Porcelain with correct, sentimental lithopane in the bottom showing a departing hunter or soldier in a family parlor saying farewell.

Detailed cast pewter figural lid with a detailed solider in correct pioneer dress with pickelhaube style spiked helmet, rifle, grenade, backpack and dagger. The thumblift in form of an eagle.

Excellent condition - some minimal age related wear, no damage or repairs whatsoever. Fitting where support for lid joins handle slightly loose from use but not damaged in any way. Lid opens and closes freely.

11 1/2 inches tall to spike on top of helmet. 4 1/2 inches wide at the base.

Marked with the name of the owner, the battalion, company and location, role of members and motto indicating the unit worked for two years on the banks of the Rhein, in Kastel Mainz, Hesse. Inscriptions (with our translations) include:

Wir dienten an des Rheines Strand zwei Jahre treu dem Vaterland - We served the fatherland at the Rhine beach two years faithfully

Rei. v. 3 Komp. Hess. Pionier Battl. No. 11 Kastel Mainz - Regiment of the 3rd Company, Hesse, Pioneer Battalion No. 11, Mains Kastel 1848-1900

des deutschen heeres schönste zier das ist für wahren Pionier - The German army's most display is a true pioneer

Pionieren das schwarze Chor zieht man allen andern vor - The Pioneer black choir is preferred to all others

We have researched this stein thoroughly and guarantee its authenticity 100%.

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