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Copper ashtray commemorating the World War I German U-boat U-155 DEUTSCHLAND, which served in the German Imperial Navy, prior to which it was the first merchant submarine, which successfully ran the British naval blockade twice to conduct publicity cruises to the United States in 1916.

Round 5 1/4" diameter ashtray presenting a stylized depiction of the Deutschland, constructed from copper removed from the boat when it was scrapped. Expected patina, else very good.

Between June 1917 and October 1918, the Deutschland sank 120,434 tons of shipping and damaged a further 9,080 tons of shipping. The submarine was surrendered in 1918 as part of the WWI armistice and was on exhibition in London. It was sold for scrap in 1921. When being broken up in 1922 by Robert Smith & Sons, an explosion ripped the ship apart killing 5 apprentices.

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