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WWI Trench Art Field Gun Artillery 75 MM Shell Battle of the Somme

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Excellent condition.

French WWI trench art sugar scoop or coal scuttle. Heavy 75 millimeter shell marked PDPs 6931, presumably "Pouderies de Paris." The shell is French, but the piece could have been made by either a French or German solider. Some additional illegible markings on the end of the shell. The side is hand engraved "Somme 1915," with a flower. It is fashioned as a scoop, with a brass handle, and two bullets as "feet." About 3 3/8 inches in diameter, 4 3/4 inches long.  

While the main Battle of the Somme commenced in 1916, the Germans, British and French occupied the area earlier. According to 

"During 1915 the German Second Army carried out an intensive programme of construction on its Front Line and Second Line from its northern right flank at Monchy-au-Bois, south across the Ancre river valley and over the gently rolling chalk hills to the Somme river. (In June 1915) there was a diversionary attack by regiments of the French Second Army on La Toutvent Farm, between Hebuterne and Serre villages. The Germans had had heavily fortified the farm in their Front Line over the winter of 1914 and spring of 1915. The French succeeded in taking the farm with losses of over 1,700 killed and over 8,500 wounded. The German losses were 900 killed, wounded or taken prisoner." 

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