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WWII RAF Aircraft Mechanic’s Personal Handwritten Notebooks Royal Air Force

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Original 1939 Royal Air Force RAF aircraft mechanic's notebooks with RAF labels on the covers. Belonging to N. Grime, Aircraftman Second Class (C2) S.S.3. 938006. Notes make reference to numrous British WWII aircraft including Wellesley, Hurricane, Blenheim, and Anson. 

Over 300 pages of handwritten notes and drawings, many in color, on aircraft theory, maintenance, inspection, and repair, including references to engines, batteries, fuel cells, wiring, indicator and identification lights, preflight checkout, instrumentation, searchlight opertion, battle undercarriage, Coventry Climax engine and more. 

One notebook commences December, 1939. The other may be missing one or two front pages. Each 9 3/4 inches by 7 1/2 inches, approx. 180 pages each. Pages are white on one side for notes and graph paper on the other side for drawings. One notebook has been used cover to cover and the other has about 130 of the 180 pages used.

Rare item in great condition with proper provenance. Please contact me with questions. Fully guaranteed.

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