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Apollo EBW NASA Solid Rocket Booster space flown Space Shuttle SRB

You might associate the word "junk" with discarded items, a wrecking yard, or scrap metal. But there's a kind of junk that is a very hot collectible right now: space junk.

NASA Space Shuttle CDF Manifold Exploding Bridgewire (EBW) Solid Rocket Booster Detonator

There is no sign that our fascination with space travel is fading. Owning a piece of the quest for space can provide a tangible, emotional connection with the incredible men and women (and animals) that made space travel possible and went along for the ride.

At the high end, the personal property of astronauts, like notebooks and space suits, and items that went to the moon, can sell for six figures. Actual space capsules have been sold for over $2 million. Most of these items are in museums.

We're very excited that we have acquired a few rare, original NASA items from the Apollo and Space Shuttle missions, which will soon be listed on our site, most of which are quite affordable. Some went into space, some were used in the assembly and testing of spacecraft and others were used on the ground by Mission Control or other ground-based space flight teams.

The photo above for example is an Exploding Bridgewire (EBW). It went into space and was used on an actual NASA Space Shuttle mission to initiate ignition of the Shuttle's Solid Rocket Booster (SRB). 

We'll have several other items here soon. These authentic NASA Apollo and Space Shuttle items came from the estate of Charlie Bell. Bell was a NASA engineer who passed away in 2000. For 37 years he collected hardware, equipment and other items that were no longer needed by NASA, and stored them on Merritt Island, Florida, not far from Kennedy Space Center. He had hoped to create a NASA museum but did not achieve his dream.

Watch the site or email if you'd like to be alerted when the items are live.

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